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ABC Debt Recoveries Limited differ from most other debt recovery companies as we not only supply our expertise in letter writing but we also deal with all undefended court matters for debts up to the value of £5,000 in-house.

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About ABC Debt Recovery Ltd, Glasgow, Scotland

We have over 50 years of collections experience. All experience has been gained through being both the Supplier/Creditor and the Customer/Debtor. ABC Debt Recoveries is an extension to our clients' own credit control systems and our aim is to set up long term business partnerships which will be beneficial to both us and our clients.

From our office in Glasgow we provide credit control and debt recovery services throughout Scotland. Our service can be used by an individual due money from one or more debtors or by Firms and Limited Companies for collection of both single debts and all outstanding overdue invoices.

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What we offer

We have over 55 years collections experience in the field of debt recovery.

We provide tailored debt recovery and credit control services.

We deal with all types of clients from individuals to small firms and limited companies.

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